Wednesday, August 27, 2008


If you love pinkberry as much as i do, you'll easily give this a ride!

Ok here is the deal, If you are on the pinkberry email list, they sent a survey out, and after completing a few questions, they ask for your address to send you a pinkberry gift card (not verified yet, but why wouldn't they?)
The thing is, each link sent out to every e-mail is unique, meaning you cannot use the link more than once. But all you need to do is change the ending 5 digit Reference ID (RID) and I tested the RANGE that you may randomly use to access the survey.
That is the URL. BUT change the last 5 digits to anything between 22583 and 27697

so for example: my original link was
if you try this link, it should say "you have already completed the survey" now just change the "25226" to a combo between the ones listed above, and try again until you find one that says "Resume survey" or "Welcome"

and.. VOILA ! let me know if you have questions..

PS: Try NOT to take the survey multiple times, unless you are using a different address / name to avoid them shutting this down!

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