Monday, June 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Make Me Cry?

This is definitely my favorite routine of this season so far. Napoleon and Tabitha are great choreographers, and honestly, I would have never thought. They just do not give off that dancing appeal, but man, their "musicality" and moves are on point like the decimal! This dance is so emotionally powerful, and it just brings tears to my eyes, not sure why... I love it so much, I watched it like 30 times already. Bleeding Love takes the lead from my previous favorite, Make it work, with Dominic and Sabra.
Most of you probably have seen this, but I wanted to share and make sure everyone gets to see this beautiful masterpiece.
Cheers to a great song and an awesome routine!
Props to Chelsea and Mark!

Adam Shankman is right, hip-hop choreography doesn't always mean hard-hitting, fast moves, it can also be tailored towards the lyrics and become almost contemporary-ish!

Escalator Fail!

This is a follow-up to the Escalator Spin I posted a few days ago. This probably would have been me if I decided to actually try and film myself doing this... maybe i'll pass now!
It almost looks like this is an easy way to train yourself to get into a split position, haha.

In The Pen Dense Day!

Ahh, July 4th, the day where we celebrate our independence with BBQ's blossoming throughout the day and the sky becomes a war zone filled with eye-candy at dawn. Every year Macy's puts on a very spectacular fireworks display, and I always ended up watching it on the tube. However, this year I dare to rebel, I will definitely be in the city, right under all of the crazy explosions and bursts of light.
The popular spots for best viewing is either South Street Seaport, or on the Brooklyn Bridge. While the Brooklyn Bridge has height and water surrounding you, Seaport would be more ideal if you need food/drinks and a restroom. Where I really would like to be, is on the sandy beach laying down, while gazing into the sky.

So who's going to be down to watch the show? and who's going to be hosting a BBQ? ;)

Robert Price

Do Not Pass [the production of this] Go!

Go straight to Jail, on the 'short line railroad'. This shoe is the ultimate abomination of collaborations. Monopoly, Monopoly... oh how I used to love this never-ending game, or at least it felt that way. I remember not trusting the banker with all the cash, and trying to buy up every single property I landed on.

From Board Game to sneaker, who would have thought? Reebok just lost some points from me though, although they never had much from me to begin with, this just confirmed why!
With Nike releasing more meaningful inspiring shoes, like the recent BMX Pack, or the Olympic Packs, Reebok just took another step back.
What would be interesting is if the shoe could open up flat, with a secret compartment for the board pieces/dice, then we could have a party (minus the smell of feet!)

Reebok, How could you?
Monopoly on a shoe?
Ugly, Ugly, Ug!

Image: Street Thing

Friday, June 27, 2008

Dubai's New Skyscraper: Jenga-opolis!

Dubai never ceases to amaze me... They are always the focal point of crazy awesome architecture, like the under-water hotel, or the man made islands. This is one of their latest designs, the rotating residential skyscraper!

Rotating a full 360 Degrees to give you a fantastic view depending on how high you are. The estimated price for the completion is about $700 million, while a single room can cost you as much as $40 million per unit. Start selling your body now kids... Debut date is scheduled for 2010, i'm excited to see the building in motion LIVE once it finishes.
But in the meantime, this graphical video will suffice, although it seems like the rooms are rotating frighteningly fast. Who's daring enough to inhabit one of these crazy rooms IF you had the income?
There are already plans to build another 70-story rotating building in Moscow, and a third, in New York!

Here's one thing to ponder: Are the elevators running through the spine of the building? Or do they rotate as well?

Chris Gold - Stay Rockin' SB Dunks!

Ohh... Check out Chris Gold, I mean Brown, rockin' the new Nike SB Trickstar BMX Package Gold Star Dunks (whew, now that's a long name). This special exclusive sneaker is set to release this morning at 11:30AM @ Dave's Quality Meat, and will release to other SB premium accounts next month. The price is rumored to be around $200, and only 30 pairs will be released today. I was going to go get them early, but I don't have that much free time from work to go wait in line, people have been waiting since last night! Hopefully I will be able to get these during the second release.

What do ya'll think? Cop or Not?
Might I add, Rihanna's heel shoes are pretty dam sexy in a mummy wrapping kind of way...

Close-up! (Bonus Blazer picture, which is also part of the Trickstar package)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Puma X Han Cholo (Barney Meets Golden Pebbles)

If you're the type to enjoy people staring at you, look no more! With these bad boys (or girls) heads will definitely break and twist off. These are the latest collabo between Puma and Han Cholo, releasing exclusively at the Han Cholo shop in LA for $300. I guess inflation affects sneakers too! Seems like more and more shoe releases are retailing for over $200, I remember the good ol' $60 days.

Kris Kross Make Ya... Jump NYC?

Ah, good ol' memories of the backwards wearing clothing days... I remember I used to LOVE Kris Kross, even jumping up and down on the bed while listening to their single "Jump". But this isn't about Kris Kross, it's about Jump NYC!
I went to see this with my family last weekend, and I must say, I was pretty darn entertained. I am a sucker for silly comedy and acrobatic routines, and this had much of both. From the crazy old wobbly man, to the super flexible bend-able daughter, each character had their own bag of tricks or style. I do admit however, that some of the comedy was a bit cliché and expected, of Asian humor of course. Nonetheless, it was still an hour and a half of all out fun and amusement! Might I mention that my brother's girlfriend was selected during the show to participate on stage for a short scene, it was pretty funny. Trust me when I say this, during the show you will want to just get up on stage and JUMP!

Now here is the best part: Tickets from now until July 6th are only $35 for ALL seats, normally $65 and up. I say take advantage and give this off-broadway a spin, or jump!

Not ready to jump yet? Check this out: Video Clip

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Buzz: To Infinity And Beyond!

You could always count on Nike SB to bring us rainbow skittle'd funky colors of products. Mainly known for their shoes, they are making a movement into the backpack industry with their Toy Story-esque pack. Nicknamed "Buzz Lightyear", this monster seems to be able to hold everything from your macbook to your sneakers!

Could this be an early promo for Toy Story 3? I would love to see a collaboration resulting in a new Dunk ;)
Just think of the whole pack: Woody! Slinky! Buzz! Rex!

Sebastian says: Under The Brooklyn Bridge!

This is a real photo taken during dawn. It's one of the latest art installations happening around NYC, I shall call it, the waterfall. Supposedly there will be a few more waterfalls installed in different locations along the river, can't wait to see more. Starting tomorrow, this awesome display will be up for a couple of months, so be sure to walk over the Manhattan bridge to get a good view of it!

Take that, Niagara!

Dunk Xchange

Dunk Xchange is an event that takes place in different cities and attracts sneakerheads from all over to stop by. It's basically a sneaker convention (mainly based on Nike Dunks and Jordans) where people buy / sell / trade kicks. It's always a fun time to go at least once to check out all the crazy old school or new school designs, and also to drool over some exclusives you may never get! I might be stopping by with a couple pairs of shoes to sell :D

Anyone else down?


Man, this makes me want to get a DLSR camera and carry with me always! Granted that I will probably never be near a tornado around here, I might still be able to capture some funky shots.

Amazing how close they were, I hope they managed to get away safely!

Via: NY Times

Escalator Spin!

Came across this from Gizmodo, She looks like she is having so much fun. I actually want to try this when there is noone around at the mall! Who's down? :D


Woah, my first post on my very own blog! I've decided to finally try and manage my own little world on here. We'll see how far it goes.