Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kris Kross Make Ya... Jump NYC?

Ah, good ol' memories of the backwards wearing clothing days... I remember I used to LOVE Kris Kross, even jumping up and down on the bed while listening to their single "Jump". But this isn't about Kris Kross, it's about Jump NYC!
I went to see this with my family last weekend, and I must say, I was pretty darn entertained. I am a sucker for silly comedy and acrobatic routines, and this had much of both. From the crazy old wobbly man, to the super flexible bend-able daughter, each character had their own bag of tricks or style. I do admit however, that some of the comedy was a bit cliché and expected, of Asian humor of course. Nonetheless, it was still an hour and a half of all out fun and amusement! Might I mention that my brother's girlfriend was selected during the show to participate on stage for a short scene, it was pretty funny. Trust me when I say this, during the show you will want to just get up on stage and JUMP!

Now here is the best part: Tickets from now until July 6th are only $35 for ALL seats, normally $65 and up. I say take advantage and give this off-broadway a spin, or jump!

Not ready to jump yet? Check this out: Video Clip

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