Friday, June 27, 2008

Dubai's New Skyscraper: Jenga-opolis!

Dubai never ceases to amaze me... They are always the focal point of crazy awesome architecture, like the under-water hotel, or the man made islands. This is one of their latest designs, the rotating residential skyscraper!

Rotating a full 360 Degrees to give you a fantastic view depending on how high you are. The estimated price for the completion is about $700 million, while a single room can cost you as much as $40 million per unit. Start selling your body now kids... Debut date is scheduled for 2010, i'm excited to see the building in motion LIVE once it finishes.
But in the meantime, this graphical video will suffice, although it seems like the rooms are rotating frighteningly fast. Who's daring enough to inhabit one of these crazy rooms IF you had the income?
There are already plans to build another 70-story rotating building in Moscow, and a third, in New York!

Here's one thing to ponder: Are the elevators running through the spine of the building? Or do they rotate as well?

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Supergirl said...

If the building is powered by wind, what happens if there's a hurricane around? Just wondering..