Monday, June 30, 2008

In The Pen Dense Day!

Ahh, July 4th, the day where we celebrate our independence with BBQ's blossoming throughout the day and the sky becomes a war zone filled with eye-candy at dawn. Every year Macy's puts on a very spectacular fireworks display, and I always ended up watching it on the tube. However, this year I dare to rebel, I will definitely be in the city, right under all of the crazy explosions and bursts of light.
The popular spots for best viewing is either South Street Seaport, or on the Brooklyn Bridge. While the Brooklyn Bridge has height and water surrounding you, Seaport would be more ideal if you need food/drinks and a restroom. Where I really would like to be, is on the sandy beach laying down, while gazing into the sky.

So who's going to be down to watch the show? and who's going to be hosting a BBQ? ;)

Robert Price

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