Monday, June 30, 2008

Do Not Pass [the production of this] Go!

Go straight to Jail, on the 'short line railroad'. This shoe is the ultimate abomination of collaborations. Monopoly, Monopoly... oh how I used to love this never-ending game, or at least it felt that way. I remember not trusting the banker with all the cash, and trying to buy up every single property I landed on.

From Board Game to sneaker, who would have thought? Reebok just lost some points from me though, although they never had much from me to begin with, this just confirmed why!
With Nike releasing more meaningful inspiring shoes, like the recent BMX Pack, or the Olympic Packs, Reebok just took another step back.
What would be interesting is if the shoe could open up flat, with a secret compartment for the board pieces/dice, then we could have a party (minus the smell of feet!)

Reebok, How could you?
Monopoly on a shoe?
Ugly, Ugly, Ug!

Image: Street Thing

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