Monday, June 30, 2008

So You Think You Can Make Me Cry?

This is definitely my favorite routine of this season so far. Napoleon and Tabitha are great choreographers, and honestly, I would have never thought. They just do not give off that dancing appeal, but man, their "musicality" and moves are on point like the decimal! This dance is so emotionally powerful, and it just brings tears to my eyes, not sure why... I love it so much, I watched it like 30 times already. Bleeding Love takes the lead from my previous favorite, Make it work, with Dominic and Sabra.
Most of you probably have seen this, but I wanted to share and make sure everyone gets to see this beautiful masterpiece.
Cheers to a great song and an awesome routine!
Props to Chelsea and Mark!

Adam Shankman is right, hip-hop choreography doesn't always mean hard-hitting, fast moves, it can also be tailored towards the lyrics and become almost contemporary-ish!

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corel =0) said...

stunningly beautiful! i think i watched that routine 20 times now. i just can't seem to take my eyes away.

my <3 broke when mark took chelsea's heart...