Friday, October 31, 2008

Get Ready...Wet...Go!

Can you imagine? That would be sick!!

Talk about super wedgie!

Gotta love credit card advertising...
Source: Gizmodo

Sparks Will Fly... Or Not.

Here are some new Supreme Dunk Hi's from Nike, called the "Spark Pack".
These bad boys will be releasing soon at Atmos. Not sure where else, seem like a Tier-0 release.
I like the fade, but I need more colors to rock! Plus, the red ones remind me too much of the ET Kuwahura SB Dunks.

Source: HighSnobiety

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tired Of Those Kids? Three Words: Vasec To Me!

I'm not sure if this is a torture chair or Magneto's old dinner chair. Either or, it looks pretty dam cool, but now some unlucky people will be eating dinner with their hands since this designer bought up all these utensils!
From London, designer
Osian Batyka-Williams uses hard-to-recycle silverware from restaurants who change their cutlery often. Good deed, I guess.

Tomorrow's news headline will read:
"Man may have accidentally gone through a vasectomy in the comfort of his own home!"

Source: Toxel

Giggity Giggity Goo-ing To A Foot Near You!

... These are just samples, and I hope they stay that way. It's not the official inspiration yet, but the colors are too similar for us not to see the connection.
Is Nike still running out of ideas? Bring it back!

Source: NSB

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Only Event Worth Standing In The Cold For On Halloween!

In a couple of days darkness will reign for the entire day, while ghouls and ghosts are out and about. Halloween, such a sweet frightening holiday!
There are things you can't miss on this day:
Candy (for the little ones), and the Annual Halloween Parade in NYC (for the ones who grew out of trick-or-treating / hates going to the dentist).
I accidentally stumbled upon this fantastic event 2 years ago while walking around the city after work, I saw a bunch of Police barricades so I was curious. After asking around and finding out about the parade, I stood there by myself for about 2 hours to watch the whole thing. The entire time I was amazed and excited to see how creative and intricate everyone's costumes were. From huge floats and multi-human costumes, to crazy people running around half-naked, you're bound to see something you're "into".
The parade runs for a good amount of blocks, but don't be fooled, this event gets jam packed. Getting there an hour early is the safest bet to get a good spot right at the front. I will be going straight after work and probably standing near the entrance of the parade so I can see everything and leave to get my drink on!
I highly recommend anyone to definitely stop by and take a peek, it's a massive event with pretty much the whole city attending! I CAN'T WAIT!
Here are some photos of last years fright night:

Parade Info:
6th Avenue from Spring Street to 21st Street from 7 - 10 p.m.

Sources: Halloween-nyc / More Photos

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Uniqlo Thinks They Can Vend Us For Free?

Yay! Another free clothing event that I cannot attend. Stupid work!
IF anyone missed the Diesel event, you can try your luck with this Uniqlo event, but I warn you, it's in the heart of Times Square. Good lucking fighting the tourists and hipsters.

Uniqlo is promoting their new Heat Tech Innerwear next month. The cool / weird part is how they are doing it. They plan on having a giant human vending machine, with mimes and employees dressed up in silver spacesuits! I can't really picture how it's going to work, but here is a digital rendering of what it may look like.
I wish I could go, I would like to see the whole process of "miming".

Event details:
WHAT: Free Uniqlo Heat Tech Innerwear Distributed by Giant Human Vending Machine
WHERE: Military Island, Times Square
Broadway and Seventh Avenue, between 43rd and 44th Streets
WHEN: Tuesday, November 18, 1 p.m.

Source: NYMag

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Spider Achieves What Sylvester Couldn't Do!

Eat your heart out, Sylvester!
This large Golden Orb Weaver spider caught a native finch, called the
Chestnut-breasted Mannikin, in it's super protein reinforced webbing. Spiders are crazy, this species usually eats large insects, but come on, a innocent little finch? What's next, a baby boy?
I don't even know how I am eating lunch while looking at these gross images of the spider enjoying his Warren. *shivers* I hate Arachnids!
Poor little Tweety :(
Now I know why Australia's water flushes counter-clockwise, because they are just full of weird happenings!

Sources: Telegraph / Cairns

Glow In The Dark Cat Sparks New Halloween Costumes!

So I think I know what I want to do for Halloween! I will go to the mad scientists and tell them to inject me with some glow genes so I can stand out all night!
Not only do they clone animals now, they freaking make them glow in the dark...
No but seriously, I hope making animals glow in the dark will help improve our knowledge of the body and how to prevent diseases.

Mr. Green Genes in the light
Transforming in the black lite
Hulk SMASH!!!

Source: Dailymail

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chimpanzee Drives Segway, Enjoys Crashing!

Forget a dog, I want a Chimpanzee now! Look at him go, looks like he is having a ball. Why is he dressed like a farmer?

Touch Me For A Free iPod Touch! is having two separate iPod Touch contest drawings, both are free to enter.
First up: Robin Thicke autographed iPod
Second: Michael Jackson Thriller iPod


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Starbucks Will Now Bow To Dunkin' Donuts?

The Truth Is Out!
Dunkin' Donuts has made it official, they are publicly calling out Starbucks for coffee bragging rights. Joining McDonald's in the competitive caffeinated market, DD looks to make their own statement. Complete with their very own website,, it appears they are very serious! I wonder how Starbucks will retaliate, if they do.
The double-blind taste test that was the basis of DD's confidence put DD's Original Blend up against Sbux's House Blend. As a former employee of Sbux, I can say that House Blend is one of the worse blends they have to offer, it is a mild type as well. Didn't really seem like a fair test to me, DD chose one of the worse blends to compare to a blend that they serve daily. Starbucks rotates their blend (at least when I was still there) every week, so taste buds do not get bored. I think DD should have done a test on the House Blend and also a speciality blend like Komodo Dragon, or Arabian Mocha Blend. Although I think DD lost points from me on this stunt, I do find their ads very entertaining and witty.

TV Commercial:

Here are some of my personal experiences:

Good: cozy, Wi-fi, drink variety, good service, encourages customization,
Bad: pricey, longer lines, mostly open for less hours,

Dunkin' Donuts:
Good: cheap, short lines, food variety, open earlier/later, may have Baskin Robbins or Taco Bell attached
Bad: bad service, small, hasty

Also, if anyone has a Costco card and is looking for some great stocking stuffers, or just simply loves Starbucks, you can buy five $20 Starbucks Cards for the price of $80. You save $20! This is the first time Starbucks has done a promotion like this, I think it will be very successful once more people know about it. Hell, it may even spike the amount of members with Costco!

Sources: SeattlePI / FastFood

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blanka Isn't The Only Cool Thing To Come From Brazil!

Brazil has their own set of releases when it comes to Nike SB sneakers, and they focus mainly on dunks. Many of these are sought after, with the Miami EMB's being the most popular. The third Brazil Custom Series is set to release November 13th with three brand new Dunk lows. The inspiration behind these designs is Music (headphones, walkman, cassette tape). Each pair will be limited to 480, better start saving up!
I really like the purple/black colorway, I think I may have to try to get them.
Each pair will also have a matching T-shirt to go with them.

Source: Sneakers.BR

Being Married To The Mob Does Have Benefits!

Here we have a collaboration between Married To The Mob and Nike, recently MTTM and Reebok got together for a shoe, but I think these Dunks take the cake. With Woven material and a hint of patent leather, they definitely do stand out as unique, yet the colorway is so simple. The gold "MOB" emblem is also a nice touch.
I believe these are for ladies only, and will release only at Tier-0 accounts. So that means these will be pretty limited. Some shops in NY that have Tier-0 are Nort/Recon, Alife/Rivington Club, and Dave's Quality Meats. Slated for a Mid November Release.

I'm glad that the ladies are getting some exclusive love too!

Source: SneakerObsession

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Politically Incorrect...Just A Few.

Self-explanatory... Just throw your views out the window, lower your IQ's down a notch, and amplify your humor sensitivity. Interesting how most of the images are of the Republican party...

Photoshop Entries Courtesy of Gizmodo

Hi, My Name Is Unbelievably Rich, And I Live Here.

This is a private residence in Western Germany that just exudes beauty. The curves, the fluidity, the virtuous design... it's all so amazing. Kudos to the designer/architect!
From the outside view, this looks like a futuristic building straight out of Star Wars. The inside is all about emptiness, less is more, space redefined. That pool is just breathtaking, I would be too scared to jump in and ruin that fascinating reflection. I wonder how much this tuxedo costs?
One thing is for sure, if I owned Google, I'd buy this suit out. Until then, I will continue to pursue my dreams!

Source: TCH

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Goodbye Plastic, Hello Aluminum!

Apple announced their new upgraded laptops today!
New Macbooks and Macbook Pros coming as soon as tomorrow.

The all white models will now start at $999, while the new models will start at $1299.
Here are some cool new features:
-glass multi-touch trackpad [no more buttons, the whole trackpad is a button]
-aluminum body [gives it a much sleeker, sexy, stronger look]
-upgraded graphics [ 5x more than the old macbook, go Nvidia!]
-Corner to corner glass display [again, sexy!]
-5 hours battery life [not sure how much the older one was]

Overall, I am loving the black trim, looks so classy. Although I am still doing good with my old Macbook, I can't wait for it to break *ahem*, so I can get a new one!


Source: Gizmodo

Monday, October 13, 2008

Children's Literature > American History?

As many of you know, Google usually does something creative with their logo on holidays/anniversaries/special symbolic days. Today is Columbus Day, and I wanted to see what Google has done to their logo to represent this. To my surprise, I did not see anything related to Columbus, just a cute little bear waiting for his ride to his destination. I was curious how this bear was related to the holiday so I clicked to dive deeper only to find a name, Paddington Bear. I was quite surprised to see that Google chose a 50th year anniversary of the book "A Bear Called Paddington", which was published in October 13th, 1958.
I guess Columbus Day happens every year, so they decided not to go with that for the logo change, although maybe they should start incorporating two or more celebrations into the logo. Maybe a nice little sea ship could have replaced the O's in Google.
Now that I think about it, I like the fact that Google chose a different celebration to display, because not many people would have known about this, and it just helps us learn more about other great things in history.
Yay Google!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ideal Pool For People Who Can't Swim (Jackie)!

I think I know why our economy is so terrible right now... Because we have genius's creating useless inventions like the one below. Seriously, what the heck kind of good can come out of this? It'll be a great trap or prank to play on someone you really really don't like. Dare them to jump into the pool for $20, hell, they can even strip down to a bathing suit! That'll sure trick 'em... but that would be cruel and immoral.
Anyway, click 'play' to waste a good 20 seconds of your life wondering why you listened to me.

Source: TodaysBigThing

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Iceland's going bankrupt. Who's next? The end.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So I'm 25.... Now What?

Yeah Yeah Yeah... It's my 25th birthday today, or should I call it my "Quarter-Life Crisis". Meh.. If anything I don't feel like I lived a quarter of my life, definitely not! I need to grow up first, hah.
It's just another day to me, just another day filled with lots of attention and people celebrating for my day. People who I haven't spoken to in months or even years, but for this one day, there is an exception.
What is it about Birthdays that invite people to be social-able? Why does it have to be once a year where you give me your attention, I much rather enjoy it weekly, or even monthly. I am not speaking to anyone in particular, Nor am I complaining, but it's just an observation I have made throughout my years...

It's the start of a new birth year, and I hope good things are still to come, especially financially/career wise. Wow, I just realized this is my FIRST blog post about me specifically, I apologize.

Goodbye 24 (but not Jack Bauer of course), Hello two-five. What will you bring me?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Nike SB Holiday Pre-Order!

Early preview / pre-order of this holiday's Dunk SB's!
Spidey Mids: November
Storm Trooper High's: November
Batman Mids: December
Marty McFly's: December

Get them all at Industrial Ride Shop!