Friday, October 3, 2008

Get Ya (Gamer) Grub On!

In case you were bored by Palin's crappy VP Debate , tired of hearing the word "Maverick" like 50 times, or amazed by her response to Biden, "Say it ain't so, Joe" (definitely was waiting for the opportunity to say that), here is a funny/interesting/sad new product!
Gamer Grub!

It's the official snack of the WCG this year, and will be available to retailers early 2009.
This awesome "healthy" snack comes in a cylinder type tube for easy access to the goodies without having to use your tiny little fingers to grab each crumb and then wipe the grease onto your jeans. It is being marketed as the first "performance snack formulated especially for gamers." Hah! I didn't realize gaming was a performance sport, I wonder if taking steroids will help increase my frags.
Here comes the best part, the actual naming of the current 4 flavors out.
Action Pizza, Racing Wasabi, Strategy Chocolate and Sports PB&J. I bet the team behind the name creation had loads of fun doing this. Let's give it a try shall we?
Camping Cereal, Destructive Heros, Leveling Lasagna, and Finishing Fruit!
Man, they could have hired me... Being a gamer myself, I can't see myself at the arcades playing SF IV, and it's the tie breaker round. I say "hold up!", then I proceed to whip out my Action Pizza in it's awesome tube, and gulp down the goodies and say "look ma! no hands! (getting dirty)." My enemy will now stare blankly as I destroy him with my super enhanced hand-eye coordinated reaction time rapid firing button mashing combo hitting super smashing skills. Yes, I can see it now. I will be stocking up on these products and wait for their IPO.

As fatty as they look, they do have a good mix of vitamins and nutrients to boost your core gaming systems. Expect to find these in each snack: Vitamins (A, B3,C, E,), Magnesium, Choline, and L-Glutamic Acid.

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