Monday, October 13, 2008

Children's Literature > American History?

As many of you know, Google usually does something creative with their logo on holidays/anniversaries/special symbolic days. Today is Columbus Day, and I wanted to see what Google has done to their logo to represent this. To my surprise, I did not see anything related to Columbus, just a cute little bear waiting for his ride to his destination. I was curious how this bear was related to the holiday so I clicked to dive deeper only to find a name, Paddington Bear. I was quite surprised to see that Google chose a 50th year anniversary of the book "A Bear Called Paddington", which was published in October 13th, 1958.
I guess Columbus Day happens every year, so they decided not to go with that for the logo change, although maybe they should start incorporating two or more celebrations into the logo. Maybe a nice little sea ship could have replaced the O's in Google.
Now that I think about it, I like the fact that Google chose a different celebration to display, because not many people would have known about this, and it just helps us learn more about other great things in history.
Yay Google!

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