Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So I'm 25.... Now What?

Yeah Yeah Yeah... It's my 25th birthday today, or should I call it my "Quarter-Life Crisis". Meh.. If anything I don't feel like I lived a quarter of my life, definitely not! I need to grow up first, hah.
It's just another day to me, just another day filled with lots of attention and people celebrating for my day. People who I haven't spoken to in months or even years, but for this one day, there is an exception.
What is it about Birthdays that invite people to be social-able? Why does it have to be once a year where you give me your attention, I much rather enjoy it weekly, or even monthly. I am not speaking to anyone in particular, Nor am I complaining, but it's just an observation I have made throughout my years...

It's the start of a new birth year, and I hope good things are still to come, especially financially/career wise. Wow, I just realized this is my FIRST blog post about me specifically, I apologize.

Goodbye 24 (but not Jack Bauer of course), Hello two-five. What will you bring me?


Christine said...

its not that we don't want to see or hang out with you..its just that people take on responsibility, whether it be work, school, and more so a growing family. I do wish to see my friends more often, but now everyone's schedules conflict. It sucks because instead of telling ur friends, "i'll see u tom.." you have to make appointments and pencil them in! growing up is hard to do.. see yah when i see yah!

P.S. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Jack Bauer 'til death!!

David said...

sorry i didnt come out man, i need to move out, get out of the shabbat chokehold.

ps bauer forever, did u see the preview for the 24 movie?