Friday, November 28, 2008

Death Friday. . .

Black Friday... the day where shoppers become aggressive and morals are thrown out the door because a measly amount of money can be saved. This may be the first reported incident so far today, but I'm sure there will be more across the country.
A temporary Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death this morning right after store opening by 200 bum-rushing cheapo's. A pregnant woman was also knocked down during the initial rush, hopefully the she didn't have a miscarriage. Who will be held responsible for this 34 year old man's death? Will they charge the company or the group of people who managed to break the hinges off the doors and even windows to get to a sale? Police had to shut down the whole store, located in Long Island, for further investigation. Way to go early birds, first you kill an innocent man, then you fuck up shopping everyone else. And if you are pregnant, why the hell would you risk your child's life knowing that tragic events always end up happening the dawn of Black Friday?
I simply do not understand what people are thinking.
Here are some images of the incident this morning:

So to all you early bird shoppers or even all day shoppers, stay alert and be careful.

Source: NY Daily News

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nike SB Dunk Hi 'Owl' 2009!

Me: Somebody said you sound like an Owl...
You: Really? Who?

Me: (Silence)...


Anyway, weird inspiration, waiting for full story.
Materials / Colorway are on point.
Definite Cop in my book :)!

Source: SneakerNews

Friday, November 21, 2008

Need An Excuse To Miss Class?

This dude totally deserved it. I love how all his friends were in shock as if they didn't expect things to go wrong. They should have thought about the consequences before they decided to push their stupid friend in a garbage transporter onto a ramp, over a low sheet rock-type ceiling above.
I sit back and watch, and I laugh. Dumb college kids!

Source: DailyBigThing

The Berry Is Finally Pink!

Long overdue... With a name like Pinkberry they should have had this new flavor from the start!
I love Pomegranate flavored drinks already, so I'm sure I will enjoy this one. Rice Cakes is still going to be my main topping, but now I have to diverge from strawberries and try something different with Pomegranate (maybe the new Pomegranate seeds?).
Pinkberry isn't the only one going Pomme, Red Mango has already joined the healthy fun with their version earlier this month, which they advertise their version as having the POM Wonderful ingredient. I would like to test out both sides to see if there are any major differences.
Who stole who's idea? Or are they working together?
Either way, competition is healthy for this great economy!

Good thing I filled out that survey from Pinkberry back then, I still have some credit on my card to try this new deal out ;)!

Source: Pinkberry / Red Mango

Thursday, November 20, 2008

To Train, Or To Not Train... That Is The Question!

Looks like those poor folks over at the M.T.A are proposing a decrease in service and increase in fares, sounds fair (no pun). Do we really need both solutions to get M.T.A back into the swing of things? Maybe I would accept easily with either a price increase, or service cut, but both? Come on, they are just being greedy now!
23% increase by June 2009, and another 5% by 2010. I don't even want to look at the numbers. Trains are already jam packed as is during rush hours, if anything they should be adding a couple more trains during those times. I'm starting to think paying for gas and driving into the city would be more financially reasonable, eh, who am I kidding? I'll probably end up on a Razor or roller-blades.
In addition to all of this, they announced they will be cutting 2,700 jobs saving $261 million. Well shit, if cutting that little amount of jobs will save THAT much, obviously the problem isn't the fees or services, it's the dam employees getting paid way too much! That comes out to about 96K per person, I hope those aren't yearly salaries, or I just may have been looking in the wrong place for a career.

Source: NY Times

Gettin' Themey With It, Na Na Na...

I love G-mail, don't you? Best free mail service out there, from the great search function to the G-Voice/Video Chat.
But you know what would make it better? Being able to add a theme to it and change as you will!
Google just announced that G-mail will now have many themes available for you to choose from to apply to your window. Currently there isn't any customization allowed, but we all know that sooner or later Google will open-source that bad boy.
They are rolling out this cool plug-in as we speak, some of you may already have it available, just go to your G-mail settings and click on the Themes tab.
I personally dig the chrome looking one, mid-left on the picture. Now I can add one more reason for me to be checking my e-mail every minute, good thing I don't own a Crackberry yet.

Source: Google

Purple Denim Dunk Low SB

Interesting Lakers colorway with a twist of denim material! The insole graphic is pretty cool, although baggy shorts that look like a dress is so 1990s. Coming soon!

Source: KoF

FREE Truffles Today Only (NYC!)

Yup yup, free truffles from Godiva between 1-3PM today only. Click image to see participating locations in NY.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Woolly Mammoth: Coming To A City Near You... To Eat You!

Does that look like what you found in last night's dinner? Or maybe clogged in your tub drain? Perhaps a birds nest? Or a Woolly Mammoth hairball?
Well, if you guessed the latter, you are right!
Scientists say that it may be possible to resurrect this extinct species by decoding ancient DNA found in hair (or hairballs). While this is not the first attempt to bring back this Ice Age beast, advanced DNA sequencing machines may prove to be more worthy than impregnating a female elephant with some frozen mammoth sperm. The best part of this whole thing is that it will only cost $10 Million to complete this task (where the hell do they get that kind of estimate anyway?). Unless this Holy Mammoth can bring our slowing economy back onto its feet, I think we have better things to spend our money on. Actually, maybe we can auction off the Mammoth's Ivory Tusks for $11 Million on E-bay and make a profit!
Darn it Obama, is this the change that you promised?

If this type of fringe science works, what will become of our planet? Humans playing God has never sounded like a great idea, and this is definitely one of those times we should leave this mammal extinct. Who knows how stable or manageable a living Woolly Mammoth would be, for all we know it could trample all over us or even fling us around with his huge tusks.
What's next, Dinosaurs? *Rawr!

Source: NY Times

Uniqlo's Free Long Johns Are Lone Gone!

Here is a quick follow-up of the Uniqlo Heat Tech event that took place yesterday. I wasn't able to make it because of work and yatta yatta yatta, but check out this video of what exactly went down in order to receive your free heart-warming garment. I can only imagine how packed this island was. We need more events like this in a time of giant poop.

Man... I personally thought that chick did a horrible job as a robot inside a vending machine! I wonder how much they got paid?

Source: Street Etiquette

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Constipated? Why Wait?

Remember this face, he will be the man you thank when this vibrating toilet seat gets manufactured and produced for the masses. Designed to help you feel stimulated and comfortable at the seat, maybe now going to do a number 2 will be fun!
No More Fiber! With this handy toilet, your bowels will be out in no time.
I wonder if this will cause another type of "stimulation" at the same time and result in a massive excretion of all sorts.
They should hire me to come up with a tag line to market that bad boy. How about:
Constipated? Have it vibrated!
I think Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg) said it best... It's such a Good Vibration!

Source: Boing

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Watch Your Brains, Retarded Zombie Dog Loose!

Either this dog was a reject animal from Left 4 Dead or the owner gave him some weed. This bitch is straight trippin'!
Man if my dog ever did that, I really would piss my pants. Is there a Poodle Idol? He may just be the next star!

Source: Today's Big Thing

Google Doesn't Want You To Get The Flu

Google has done it again, come up with a way not to make money but to provide a free service! Flu Trends will help you get an early warning if a possible flu outbreak is near or in your state. It basically logs any search term related to the flu or the symptoms and charts it on the graph above.
Now you know when you see your state become a very dark shade of blue, you better run to the doctor's and get that flu shot too! (I made a rhymie!)

Source: Google

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Democratic O's Or Republican Crunch?

Once in a while a product will surface that is so great, you might actually have to buy it!
Enter Obama O's, there's hope in every bowl!
I can definitely see this as a collector's item, whoever collects cereal boxes or historical political items. The cereal is actually edible, but that will just ruin the freshness and decrease the potential value. Limited to 500, $39 isn't so bad is it?
There is also Cap'n McCain's, but he sure looks more of a dictator than a Captain.
Man, people come up with the craziest ideas to make money off of anything... at least part of the profits go/went to the campaigns.

Source: Air Bed & Breakfast

Sarah Palin Bazooka! Obama Tanking!

Haha, I want to buy Mercenaries 2 now, just to get this patch and kick some ass with Sarah Failin or Obama! Sarah with a Bazooka is pretty darn sexy, but it's also sad that I can imagine her actually going around rampaging with that in real life. Who doesn't want to see our President (hopefully) getting his hands dirty?
Source: JR Blog

Monday, November 3, 2008

Free Vote, Free Coffee!

Plain and simple.
All you have to do is go into Starbucks and tell them you voted, and you will be able to receive a free Tall coffee. Technically, you don't even have to vote!
But you should :)

Is Starbucks getting themselves back into the game? (take that Dunkin' Doughnuts!)
Source: WSJ

It's Not Black Or White, It's The Gray.

Ain't that the truth? With election day just one day away, we will soon be crowned with a new leader, does it matter if he is black or white? Just stick to the real issues!
Go Obama (white version or black version!)
You may see some of these posters up around NYC, keep an eye out, they may become a collectors item.

Source: TCH