Friday, November 28, 2008

Death Friday. . .

Black Friday... the day where shoppers become aggressive and morals are thrown out the door because a measly amount of money can be saved. This may be the first reported incident so far today, but I'm sure there will be more across the country.
A temporary Wal-Mart worker was trampled to death this morning right after store opening by 200 bum-rushing cheapo's. A pregnant woman was also knocked down during the initial rush, hopefully the she didn't have a miscarriage. Who will be held responsible for this 34 year old man's death? Will they charge the company or the group of people who managed to break the hinges off the doors and even windows to get to a sale? Police had to shut down the whole store, located in Long Island, for further investigation. Way to go early birds, first you kill an innocent man, then you fuck up shopping everyone else. And if you are pregnant, why the hell would you risk your child's life knowing that tragic events always end up happening the dawn of Black Friday?
I simply do not understand what people are thinking.
Here are some images of the incident this morning:

So to all you early bird shoppers or even all day shoppers, stay alert and be careful.

Source: NY Daily News

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