Friday, November 21, 2008

The Berry Is Finally Pink!

Long overdue... With a name like Pinkberry they should have had this new flavor from the start!
I love Pomegranate flavored drinks already, so I'm sure I will enjoy this one. Rice Cakes is still going to be my main topping, but now I have to diverge from strawberries and try something different with Pomegranate (maybe the new Pomegranate seeds?).
Pinkberry isn't the only one going Pomme, Red Mango has already joined the healthy fun with their version earlier this month, which they advertise their version as having the POM Wonderful ingredient. I would like to test out both sides to see if there are any major differences.
Who stole who's idea? Or are they working together?
Either way, competition is healthy for this great economy!

Good thing I filled out that survey from Pinkberry back then, I still have some credit on my card to try this new deal out ;)!

Source: Pinkberry / Red Mango

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