Tuesday, September 2, 2008

September Brings Us Mooncake And Kicks!

Seems like China has been getting a lot of play with Nike, to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in September, Nike released three shoes (Air Max 1, Blazer, Terminator). Mooncake + Rabbits = Awesome!

I personally like the Air Max 1, and MAYBE I can mess with the Blazer. I love gold, it's the closest I'll ever get to it!

Now, on to the eye-candy:

Yuck Terminators!


Source: Hypebeast

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Ironchef24 said...

the shoes are dope. i like the "cloud" around the rabbit and as a shoe, the kicks are dope, but nike doesn't understand Chinese culture. besides the lucky cat, which is Japanese. Every single shoe they've done for china is just colors and they don't get into the real shit. like, with a mooncake, how dope would it be to have that engraving that's actually on mooncakes on the shoe??? Or if you're gonna do mooncakes, use that funky brown/maroon hybrid color that the mooncakes are and bring in some of the autumn festival icons.