Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Starbucks New Signature Hot Chocolates Makes Me Count Calories!

Today North American Starbucks stores officially launched their "Signature Hot Chocolate" line of beverages. Just in time for Fall! No longer is the regular Mocha used to make their hot chocolates, they now use a blend of 4 different cocoas, attempting to give it a European-style swag. Aside from the plain one, they also have Hazelnut and Salted(What??) Caramel Hot Chocolates.
While at my old store I used to work at today, I was tempted to try the Salted version, but it was a bit warm out today and I decided to save my taste buds from this new drink. While re-kindling with my manager she described the taste of the Salted Caramel is just like eating a Chocolate covered pretzel. That sounds pretty enticing to me now, I think I will give it a try when the flakes of snow start floating upon us.
She also explained the ingredients, so here it is: Cocoa blend, Toffeenut syrup, steamed milk, topped with whipped cream, caramel swirl, and sprinkles of Sea Salt. Wow, now that's a party in your mouth. According to Starbucks' nutrition information, a Grande Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate with whole milk and whipped cream is 640 Calories, God Dam!
If I indulge in one of these, I will have to skip dessert! What are you waiting for? Go and count your calories away!

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Anya said...

Hey, the way we make Puerto Rican hot chocolate, sometimes we adda little bit of salt to counter the sweetness and it tastes magnifique!

In Mejico dried chipotle or other chiles are added to hot chocolate and it tastes really good.

Now, I am so going next week after I start working and try them out. I really, really hope they bring back Chantico, which they released in spring of 05 and THAT was the closest thing to the chocolate my grandma used to make [its like the espresso version of coffee].