Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Can Nice Guys Compete In The Race?

I came across this interesting read today on an old, ongoing topic, and I wanted to share with anyone who is considered a 'nice guy'. Oh that dreaded term, the term that associates someone who never gets the girl he wants. I used to feel I fit in this category, but now I believe I emerged out of my little shell and have more confidence than before. A few items on this list I have already been doing ever since, so I guess i'm on the right track? Occasionally you have to throw in an asshole moment to deflect that nice guy image. Girls say they hate it, but as we all know, they will always return to it. It's all about the balance, and I am still trying to find mine.

Couple Guides:
Be a gentleman without being a pushover.
Learn to say no.
Don't just agree, state your own opinions.
You can't save everybody...

Check out How to Break the "Nice Guy" Stereotypes

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