Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Starbucks: The Next Diet!

I bring to you... The Vivanno! This is Starbucks answer to a nourishing blend for a healthier life (since we are all getting so pudgy). These should be available at your local stores now, unless they are one of the 600 stores closing! Riding on the health trend wave, Starbucks is now the follower, rather than the leader they used to be. Let's see if they can take business away from Mcdonald's or Dunkin' Doughnuts! There will be two available flavors; Chocolate Banana *insert puking face here* Blend or Orange-Mango Banana Blend. Both, of course, will be heavily customized by us drinkers, whether it's adding an espresso shot to give that bold taste to the chocolate, or adding some matcha green tea powder to increase our health benefits! Each smoothie will have a couple main ingredients; Whey protein powder, a banana, choice of milk, and ice.
Since I recently quit Starbucks as my side job, I will have to now pay to sample these bad boys, they better be pretty dam good! Hopefully, the store closings and additional drinks will bring up the crappy stock price, since I do have some shares leftover from my employment period.
So now, we will not only see geeks with their iPhones and Macbooks, but we will see Jocks and Yoga/Pilate enthusiasts too... Fun!
Will you guys fall into this health trap? I might.
Frappuccinos or Nourishing Blends? I say Fraps!


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Update: I just went to go buy the Orange Mango Blend, I must say it's pretty dam good. They throw in a whole banana, but you don't taste it that much. This is one of those drinks that take longer to make, or maybe it's just like this until they get a repetitive flow going. At $4 for a grande, this really hurts my wallet now that I don't have the discount anymore... Boo!

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Christine said...

ummmmm nO. i'll go to jamba instead and get my orange dream machine with a free immunity boost >:)