Monday, July 7, 2008

Miss Jones is now Ms. Gone

Yup, no more Miss Jones on the Hot 97 Morning Show! Today starts the official week of more music playing during the morning, and less gossiping (at least until the end of July). Although I will admit that I did enjoy "Jonesy Juice" at times, because they do talk about current topics on the music industry. But the bad outweighs the gossip, from her disrespectful tone of voice and demeanor, to her utterly insensitive remarks, especially participating in the "Tsunami Song" back in 2005.
Apparently, her contract with Hot97 is up (meaning she did something stupid and really got in trouble this time!), so she will now be moving to a radio station in Philly, along with Michael Shawn. Big Boy will be taking over the Hot97 morning airwaves towards the end of July, hopefully he will shed a new light on entertainment news.

here's my MS paint contribution!:

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