Monday, July 14, 2008

Are You Constantly Missing Money? Missing Money Will Help You Find Some!

What's more fun than finding money on the ground or in the coin pocket of a phone booth? Finding money that is actually under your ownership! There is this new site out, Missing Money, that claims it will help you find any missing money in the form of unclaimed property, un-cashed checks, etc.

Here is a list of the Top 10 most common types of unclaimed property (provided by Search Engine Watch):

1. Bank accounts
2. Stocks, mutual funds, bonds, and dividends
3. Uncashed checks and wages
4. Insurance policies
5. Utility deposits
6. Safe deposit box contents
7. Escrow accounts
8. Trust funds
9. Certificates of deposit (CDs)

Once you visit the site after it's done lagging, probably being hammered by everyone since it's a new thing that just spawned, just plug in your name and it will populate a list of locations that match that name. It works like a search engine, if you find yourself on there, you will be eligible to claim the funds, whether it's $50 or $1000. I am very skeptical about this, especially since I do not know what the 'catch' is. But it has been publicly advertised and other credible sites have wrote about it, so I can only say that it is worth a try.

I don't have any funds myself, but maybe some of you do. Who knows? Just take a few minutes to check, and you may end up with some extra cash to spend :)
(Not all states have been added to this list, they are still in the process of getting the whole nation on here, as of now, NY is not yet added! So if you don't see your name and you are from NY, don't fret, just wait and try again in a few days).

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Sphurthy Ravindra said...

Vow, this is real cool, The site is bit slow - but I am sure this is because of the load. I recently posted something on FDIC shutting down IndyMac and how to ensure that our money is safe. So with this Missing Money thing we all can be relaxed.

Anonymous said...

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dj.shakez said...

thanks for the comments guys, I will definitely check out those two links!