Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Do You Know Knol ?

Knol - A unit of knowledge. At least to Google it is!

This is a new addition to Google's monster utility belt, still in beta stage, but available to the public. I call it the wiki-copy. One difference is that only the author can edit the entry, unless he allows others to, and duplicates of the same topic may be written. Sounds like it will be a jumbo mess of disagreeing topics already, but this may be good to show different views and ideas. Most of the entries so far are health / home improvement related.
Who wants to be the first to write about LiL Wayne? Whoever likes writing in detail about a topic they know much about, head over to the Knol site now! They also have a rating system for every entry, pretty cool!

What's next Google, the G-phone? Hmm...

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Alex said...

I heRd about a while ago it's obvius google wants evrything and yes the gphone has been on the works for the momment thy are developing an operating system for the gphone called android but they havnt release much info about thought I heard it will run in different hardware that will need to be compatible. One candidate to supply the hardware is Nokia u Can find more about it in