Monday, July 7, 2008

Cycloptic Speaker Doesn't Electrify You In Water!

Gracie Floating Wireless Speaker:
Now this is a cool little gadget, a floating water-proof wireless speaker! While it does seem to make listening to music a tad easier, here are a couple scenarios why you would need this.
1. Your pool/jacuzzi/bath-tub/slip-n-slide is so big that you need the music to actually be in the water with you.
2. Your boombox/stereo/speakers are so crappy and muffled that you cannot hear it from the ground they sit on.
In the second photo it looks like this thing could shoot out a (puts pinky to chin) laser beam!
The cool thing about this is it weighs only one pound, so basically that means we can double the use out of this and play volleyball with the sucker! (although I don't think it was built to be physically abuse-proof) Overall, it looks like a very cute and niche product to share with people. Hey, it may be the start of a new style, water-dance!

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