Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Raise Is Enough To Buy A McDonald's Meal!

Yummy. Sorry guys, no supersize, just medium. As of today, the federal minimum wage has increased $0.70, bringing it to $6.55 per hour! Hooray! Now people can afford food AND gas, it's about dam time. I remember working at the movie theaters 7 years ago, man I had to live off of greasy buttery popcorn and soda so I can save my money for other things in life. I wish this was the rate I got back then! This will have to do, until they initiate the next increase in July 2009 to $7.25. So whoever doesn't have a job yet, this is a good time to start one, even if it's temporary!
Hint, hint, lizer.

Source: AP

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