Monday, July 14, 2008

Shoe Goo: An Adhesive Which Extends The Life Of A Shoe!

This just released in Japan, Nike Dunk Hi Premium SB 'Shoe Goo'. Nobody has even heard or seen these before, they just released out of nowhere and under the radar. I wonder how Nike managed to do that, being that usually all shoes that release have been talked about or have had sample pictures leaked. These remind me of a more subtle Mork-N-Mindys; no flashy chrome mid-section. My taste for these are bitter, I don't like too much red on my shoes! I know many people who DO like the red, so these will definitely be a good release (as if most sb's aren't...)
I must admit, though, the middle section does have some interesting denim-ish material, and the clear mid-sole is a nice touch!

Source: Sneakernews

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