Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Alt.E - A New Kind Of Hero...

It's great to see people with money and power take iniatitive to try and save the world, or America for that matter. T. Boone Pickens, who runs BP Capital, is trying to make a change by reaching out to every single person who believes in his Plan. According to statistics, we currently import 70% foreign oil, compared to 24% back in 1970. We are spending about $700 Billion a year; that much money could be used on something more efficient, like alternative energy.
As issues of caring for our precious environment are continually growing, time is of the essence, and we need a plan to change our habits. Luckily, Mr. Pickens has done exactly so, I invite you to visit his newly launched site with lots of educating information about what his plans are, and how we can help make it happen.
Hopefully, this will become large enough to reach the presidential candidates, and they can take a stab at coming up with a solution to enforce these goals.
Will natural gas and Wind ever become a more reliable resource than oil? Are you willing to sacrifice your luxurious vehicle for a simple boxy electric car?
Save yourself or save the country. You decide.

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