Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Only Pool You Should Ever Jet Ski In!

Summer... Summer... Summer... When will you take me on an adventure full of breezes and beaches? Hoping to take a small vacation this October (hint hint), this looks like an awesome place to visit.

Here I Present to you, the largest swimming pool in the world! Located in Algarrobo, Chile, you definitely can't miss this from the skies. Completed at the end of '06, the purpose of having this is because the Pacific on the other side of the sands are too cold and inhospitable, though I didn't realize people were trying to live there. The pool is filled with beautiful blue, provided by her local neighbor, Ms. Pacific, and ran through an automated filter to keep the water clean (that would suck if they hired people to walk around the rim and use their nets to clean everything!).
Although I do believe this place is worth a visit, it would be more of a sight to see, than to dive in and get wet. In the end, it is exactly that, a giant swimming pool, it still wouldn't feel like I was in a tropical zone. The positive side to this is you won't have to worry about any crazy South American sea creatures underneath your little feet, or worry about drifting away from land if you were to just float along with no worries like this guy. I'll tell ya one thing, you won't find any Pirates here!

What do you guys think? Does this ocean replacement appeal to you? If not the concept, the beautiful pics surely will (minus the evening one, pretty dark and evil if you ask me!).

Thanks Josephine for the info!
Visual: YouTube
Literature: dailymail

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